Fundraising Ideas

Team Heifer is a grassroots effort. One act inspires another until the movement to end hunger and poverty is in full swing.

With a little creativity and commitment, you can make your own Team Heifer event special and inspired. In the spirit of a "walkathon" or "runathon," Team Heifer is a fundraising opportunity that opens up the possibilities for raising support for Heifer. You can create events centered on your favorite activities, sports or community groups with anyone from friends and family to coworkers and classmates.

We've assembled a few ideas to spark your personal movement to end hunger and poverty:

  • Educational House Party - Invite friends and family over to your house for a fundraising event. Make a special dinner, host an educational speaker, watch a Heifer video or just introduce people to Heifer's mission.
  • Congregations - Heifer's personalized and paperless fundraising tool is ideal for collecting donations from church groups and congregations. And you can view instant summary results for your fundraising drive. Heifer also offers a host of educational resources for congregations to help spread the mission for your Team Heifer event.
  • Golf Outing - Hit the links and invite friends and family to register for a Heifer golf fundraiser.
  • Sports Clubs - Call on your sports team to build a Team Heifer page to raise funds. Challenge other teams within your league for some friendly fundraising competition.
  • Book Clubs - Organize a book reading as a fundraising opportunity for Heifer.
  • Hobby Clubs - Invite your hobby club to produce a special fundraising event for Heifer. Feature your hobby creatively while incorporating Heifer's mission.
  • Office Teambuilding - Use Team Heifer as an office team builder to raise money together around the holidays or a special date. Create friendly competition among departments for a larger event.
  • Family Fundraising - Rally all your relatives and extended family to join in a Team Heifer Holiday Fundraiser. See what a difference you can make when you work as a team to end hunger and poverty.
  • Organize a Hike - Grab some friends and pick your favorite local trail. Turn this healthy hike into a fundraising event for Heifer.
  • Personal Triumphs - Whatever it is that you enjoy doing, use your creativity to turn it into a Team Heifer fundraising event.